Black Hole

2008, HD video projection on black wall, Dolby Digital 2/2.1 Audio, 7:30 minutes, HD DVD Edition of 5
Collaboration with Matthew Suib including music by Eugene Lew, Birchville Cat Motel, and Boris

Shot on hi-definition video and incorporating a surround soundtrack made in collaboration with sound artist Eugene Lew, Black Hole presents an occluded view of confinement and isolation that rests uneasily between noir and horror film genres. Cinematic conventions and motifs are employed as metaphors for current and historical political discourse, highlighting the construction and subsequent control of narrative that lies at the intersection of moving image culture and the exercise of political power.

Black Hole is projected on an entirely black wall in a pitch-black room, with the projection masked at the lens, causing the edges to bleed seamlessly into the surrounding darkness. To viewers in the installation, the projected image appears to be floating in space. An occasional bright image serves to re-define the screen and illuminate the gallery space for a brief moment before shifting the viewer back into near-complete darkness, creating an anxious and disorienting viewing experience.