February 14, 2011


PUSH / PULL: An Exhibition of Contemporary Video Art
Thursday, February 17 · 6:00pm-10:00pm
Built For Man / Open Space
509 13th Ave. Seattle Washington

Built For Man, Presents Push/Pull 2011, a presentation of contemporary video art. This exhibition will mark the Opening of the Built For Man Open Space, on Thursday February 17th in the Seattle University District at 509 13th ave.

Built For Man strongly believes, a vital community needs to support the arts; it has chosen to collaborate with artist John Criscitello, due to the familiarity of media and his commitment to this art form.

“Video art is a exciting and dynamic form of visual expression, and we at Built for Man want to support emerging artists as well as bigger than life, projections”. Says, Francisco creative director for Built For Man.

“It is important for us as a brand to venture out and seek new talent , the arts have always play a major role in our esthetics and it is a constant inspiration when we create fashion. Therefore why not support it and create a venue for artist to come together, in an open forum, and show us how they see art from a critical perspective. We are living in the 21 century and we want to support and grow with artist that see the future, they are aware, we are at the cross roads. What they do now, will affect the direction of the arts for the rest of the century.. Built For Man, recognizes and supports Video Art and the artist that make this media so vibrant”.

Artists Include :
Liliana Velez
Joshua & Zachary Sandler
John Criscitello
Janet Biggs
Michael Greathouse
Chris Coleman
Hye Yeon Nam
Nadia Hironaka & Matthew Suib
Maria Petschnig
Giada Ghiringhelli
Christine Kelly & Josef Kraska